Regulation Updates
Safety and Security

1. Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems
Each Unit except townhouse is provided with a sprinkler system and smoke detectors, which are connected to the central fire alarm system. Any modification or concealment of any fire detection and fire fighting equipment by the Residents is strictly prohibited. If the operation of the main alarm and fire fighting systems is hampered in any way by unauthorized modification or changes or any tampering to such equipment caused by the Residents, the Building Management shall charged the Residents all costs resulting from such demages, tampering and the like. Security staff as authorized by the Building Management will verify directly to the affected Unit for any fire alarm activated as indicated in the Master Control Fire Alarm system.

2. Fire Extinguishers
Residents must at all times keep at least one tank of 3 kg fire extinguisher in their respective Unit and must be responsible for keeping the fire extinguisher in good working condition. Fire extinguishers are to be used only in emergencies. In the event of fire or if you detect smoke or discover a fire, please contact Tenant Relations immediately and activate the alarm provided for at the hose reel panels at the corridor. Two 3 kg dry chemical are provided at the corridor and several 5 kg dry chemical are provided along parking areas for Townhouse Units.